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RAIM XML Service

Understanding our RAIM XML Service

The RAIM Service Availability Prediction Tool (SAPT) is exclusively an XML-based web service, most commonly used by flight planning software (including both custom and third party solutions).

If you or your company uses flight planning software from a third party vendor please contact them and ask that they incorporate our web service into their software.

For those who build and/or maintain your own flight planning software, you may obtain a copy of the SAPT Software Development Kit (SDK) which consists of documentation and the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file for the SAPT web service. A WSDL file is a technical description of the software interface to a web service that can be used by software programmers to write software that can communicate with a web service. The SAPT WSDL allows the SAPT service to be integrated with your flight planning capabilities. Please note that the WSDL is not generally useful to end-users.

Request a copy of the SAPT WSDL and SDK

If you do not require a copy of the SDK/WSDL but would still like to be kept informed about changes to the SAPT service you may subscribe to our e-mail announcement list. This is a very low-volume mailing list that is used only for major announcements regarding changes to the SAPT service and web site.

Subscribe to the SAPT announcement e-mail list

If you have other questions not addressed here or would like to share some feedback regarding the SAPT service please contact us.