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Getting Started with ADS-B SAPT

A quick guide to using the ADS-B prediction service

Welcome to the graphical web interface for the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Service Availability Prediction Tool (SAPT).

This website offers an interactive flight planning form that provides predictions of ADS-B sufficiency for specific flight times and equipment configurations. We tried to make this form simple and intuitive to use; you may find that you can jump right in and start performing predictions without having to read too much documentation.

It also supports an XML-based web service for automated checking of ADS-B sufficiency by flight planning software. To read about the XML service please see our ADS-B XML help page.

A quick legal note: this system is for flight informational purposes only. Submissions to this system do not generate formal flight plans.

We encourage users to download the User Guide [pdf] (7.3MB) to become familiar with the SAPT site and features.

User Feedback

Users are encouraged to submit feedback about the operation of the system, using the feedback form.

Items of particular interest are:

  • Usability
  • Latency
  • Issues
  • Errors
  • Suggestions